Get Out of Your SEO Comfort Zone

We all have a tendency to find our comfort zones and snuggle in there. In our personal lives and at our jobs, clinging to what’s comfortable is appealing because it’s what we know.

A similar thing happens with brands and their SEO practices-they get comfortable with what’s already being done because it’s what they know, and they know it works, and deviating from that plan of action can feel risky. But getting out of your SEO comfort zone is necessary for finding online success, especially when it comes to SEO.

Consistently doing the same things without evolving your approach will only keep you where you’re at, and while that may seem like enough for your website, that will eventually become the bare minimum. Google rewards the websites that truly go above and beyond, which often entails evolving your search strategy to remain competitive.

The days of updating your title/description tags being enough may not be gone, but that effort alone is simply not enough anymore. Try pushing yourself to do more with your SEO strategy by checking out these easy starting points.

Make a development investment.

Further developing your website can have huge pay offs when it comes to SERP. If your website structure is hard to navigate, investing in some structural development could reap big rewards from search engines. Or if you’re a business or e-commerce website without a blog, adding a blog component and populating it with high quality content can improve traffic and drive your site’s SEO. These may not be things you’re equipped to do yourself, but investing in such developments is definitely a big way to push yourself past your comfort zone. Plus, development investments almost always have a positive turn out, so you can get out of your SEO comfort zone while still playing it safe.

Start looking at analytics.

This is where I push myself out of my comfort zone. The mere word ‘analytics’ intimidates me, so I wasn’t exactly comfortable exporting my traffic reports from our website. If you feel the same, this is exactly where you should be starting. Digging deep into the analytics of your traffic, clicks, and content performance is not only a great way to understand how every day users are interacting with your website, but also an awesome foundation for coming up with new ideas. For me, that meant looking at how certain content pieces out-performed others, and reworking my blogging strategy around similar formats and topics. Whether you’re a business site or a blogging site, looking at your analytics with an open mind and critical eye will reveal where you need to make your next move.

Make advanced updates.

You have to make the most advanced, up-to-date changes to your website in order to remain competitive, plain and simple. For you, that means optimizing your website across the board with content, structure, images, title tags-all of it. It also means following trends that can isolate you from competitors. Take, for example, mobile optimization. It’s advanced update that requires some investment and pushes past old comfort zones, but it’s completely necessary for SEO success. As consumer behavior shifts towards these types of advancements, your SEO behavior must also adjust.

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