Facebook Pages—Which One Should You Use?

As the world’s most popular social media network, Facebook is a must for businesses to include in their social media plan. But many companies get confused when the go to the advertising/pages section and see that they have choices. Here’s a quick guide to help you.

The two types of pages

Facebook has two types of pages for businesses. The most popular one is what was formerly called the “fan” page which is now called the “official” page. This page can be created from your personal Facebook account.

The second type of page is a group or “community” page. You can have both pages, but if you only want to monitor one, you want to choose the fan page. Here’s why:

Group pages do have one advantage that a fan page does not have. You can send out an email to everyone in your group, while that is not possible if you are administrating an official page.

Creating a business account

Facebook does allow you to have a business account that is managed much like your personal account. However, if you have a personal account, Facebook does not allow you to have a business account.

According to Facebook, before you can have a business account, you must create a Facebook page or advertisement. Facebook will then ask you if you have a user account. If you don’t, then will direct you to where you can create your business account.

No matter what type of account you choose, don’t forget to keep it updated so that your “fans” and group members will stay informed. Facebook is a great marketing tool but you have to use it for it to bring new customers to you.