Everything You Need to Know About Chrome’s New Fact-Checking Extension

We live in an age where sometimes the continuous production of information comes at the cost of the truth. This is especially true of online sources, where it can be hard to determine misinformation, reliable sources, and credible reports.

If you have a blog or dabble in any kind of content production, you have a responsibility to put forth the most reliable information you can. The benefit is two-fold: first, users will regard your content as a resource and want to return to your site; two, Google favors website that provide the best information and user experience possible. The same can be said for users, that there is a responsibility to seek, share, and refer to credible content.

But with tens of thousands of pages of information online, weeding out fact from fiction can get messy. That’s where Chrome’s new extension, FirstDraftNewsCheck, comes in. Here’s how it works:

The extension allows you to have an image or video open in your browser and then work through a checklist that prompts you to investigate:

  1. If you are looking at an original piece of content
  2. How confident you are about who created the content
  3. How confident you are about when the content was capture
  4. How confident you are about where the content was captured

The extension then calculates a verification score and creates a button that can be embedded on your website.

As you can see, the scoring is pretty thorough:

This tool can be helpful for people across all industries looking to find and create fact-based content and put forth information of a higher quality. The use of it has the potential to provide a more optimized user experience while also making the internet a less sketchy place to learn!

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