Dangers of Outsourcing SEO Copywriting

SEO is quickly becoming an extremely popular and sought-after career, so companies often have their choice of writers when it comes to filling a SEO copywriting position in a company. Unfortunately, this overwhelming want to break into the SEO copywriting industry has led to a lot of poor writers trying to mask their expertise through the Internet (something in-house writers can’t do). Because writing content for SEO often means producing a lot of quality content quickly, many companies end up outsourcing an SEO copywriter that seems to have the experience.

If you outsource your writing and something goes wrong, your company’s reputation is on the line with both Google and customers and potential customers. Your rankings will most definitely suffer; thus causing your traffic to continually decrease. Consider below some of the dangers of outsourcing SEO copywriting:

Top 5 Risks That Come With Outsourcing Copywriting

  1. Improper English – It is extremely common for non-native speakers to have a company that offers SEO copywriting services. While this may work for some companies depending on audience, most companies absolutely require someone with a very clear knowledge of the English language. Having a website full of improper English will look unprofessional if you’re targeting native English speakers.
  2. Plagiarism – Outsourcing copywriting could result in plagiarism. This is a huge problem for two reasons: 1. Plagiarism is unethical and it will significantly bring down your reputation in the eyes of visitors, and 2. Google will penalize your website quickly if they see that you are duplicating content. Unfortunately, this is quite common when you outsource your copywriting without putting serious thought into your hire, and it sometimes take a while to discover the problem.
  3. Poor Quality Quality content means more than simply good grammar and a long article. Quality content requires extensive research as well as the ability to take this research and put it together. When you outsource your SEO writing, you run the risk that your articles will be poorly researched, incorrect, and sloppily written.
  4. Little SEO Knowledge Hiring an SEO copywriter does not just mean that you are going to hire a writer. Many companies want to hire writers who really understand SEO from keyword research to proper anchor text. Many writers might spend time writing articles that are not relevant or do not flow nicely for readers, or they will do the opposite and use black hat SEO tactics.
  5. Outsourcing Twice – There is a chance that if you outsource your copywriting, the outsourcing company will actually be outsourcing that writing again. In other words, you may think that the person you have been speaking with is going to write the articles, but if that person could actually be outsourcing that work to someone much cheaper.

Although there are many dangers to outsourcing SEO copywriting, it is possible to outsource these efforts and be successful. As long as you are aware of these risks and make sure to ask questions to really determine whether or not you’re caught up in a scam, you could very well find a quality outsourcing service. Make sure you ask to talk with others who have used the company or the writer before, ask to see samples of the writing, and try to meet face to face if possible.

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