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Creating the Perfect Online Marriage

You have a great website that consistently ranks high in search engine rankings and brings your company business. You have also seen the value of social media marketing. You have quite a few followers on Twitter and many Facebook friends who like your company’s page. But you may not be getting as much out of either if you are not linking your website and your social media together.

The easiest way to link your website and social media is to have a link on your site that drives customers to each of them. Here are the reasons why these links are important:

• Social media allows you to interact with your customers and potential customers. Your website provides information and you should have a way for customers to contact you on your website. However, some customers may prefer to ask questions on your Facebook wall or tweet their comments to you.
• Since many people now prefer to communicate and learn more about a company through social media channels, you should make it easy for them to link to the sites.

So how does this marriage work to benefit you? First, social media can help increase your search engine rankings. The major search engines look for links from qualified sites and the major social media sites qualify. This could increase your rankings and help customers find you.

Second, social media helps customers get to know you better and this enhances your company’s reputation. This can be done through simple Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn postings or in a more in-depth way on a company blog. Remember that if you are linking to your social media from your website, you need to be consistent and keep the sites updated. You don’t want your customers linking to a Facebook page you have not updates since 2009.

Finally, don’t forget that while it’s important to have links to your social media on your website, it’s also important to have a great website. Social media is an important tool in your online marketing toolbox but most customers will find you through a generic search first. Create an online marketing strategy that includes a great website and social media.

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