Have you ever started an AdWords campaign only to notice shortly thereafter that all of your keywords show a Quality Score of 1/10? Why is it showing such a low score? Apparently this was a common issue for many advertisers.

Last Friday, Google introduced new changes that they are making so it is easier to know when and why you are affected by a landing page or site policy problem rather than a landing page quality problem.

If a page or site violates Google’s policies, the status column on the keywords tab will show “Site Suspended”. Your Quality Score would then not be shown because the ads aren’t being displayed. If you were to see something like this it would allow the advertiser to see the issue and try to rectify the problem by reviewing Google’s site and landing page policies.

adwords Clearing Up the AdWords Landing Page Policy

Do you think this will help clear up any of the unknowns advertisers face in AdWords?