Buffer for Business: How their Increased Analytics Can Help Improve Your Social Efforts

Buffer has been a key player in social scheduling for quite some time, but recently the company has really proven that the tool can do more to help your company and help your social media efforts, particularly through their Buffer for Business plan. Just last week Buffer added even more features including Google Analytics support, new Buffer analytics, and more tracking features to help you be even more successful. If you’ve always liked Buffer and wanted something more advanced for your company, last week’s announcement seems to tell us that you need to look no further.

The New Buffer for Business Analytics Features Explained

Below are some of the new features from Buffer that were explained in their announcement, along with screenshots from Buffer itself:

  • Google Analytics Integration. You can setup your own UTM tracking parameters in order to match the campaigns you are running in Google Analytics. This will help make the analytics you see from Buffer more meaningful because they can match right up to your campaigns for you to analyze. You can find the new feature on the Link Shortening page for your social profiles, which is under the settings menu.
  • Tracking Improvements. Buffer is a great way to improve your social following, so the now added a way to track the growth of your followers. You can track your growth in comparison with how often you tweet and/or how often others are engaging with your account. You simply look at one of your analytics graph and then choose the “follower” option, which is shown below:

buffer 1

  • Date-Range Picker. Now that you can connect your Buffer data with Google Analytics, you can also choose which days you want to see so you can make your own analysis about what was going on at that particular time. If you look at the screenshot above, you can see on the left hand side a drop down menu that says “30 days.” Click that drop down menu and you can customize for the time you want to see.
  • Individual Day Performance Analytics. If you have a big article go live that you want to share or a particular day that you made a big announcement, you may want to see your analytics for that particular day. All you have to do is click on any point of the graph and analytics will pop up, as shown below:

buffer 2

You will also be able to export all of these analytics so you can slice and dice them the way that you like at a later time or on a different platform. This also makes it easy to share data with other employees or give presentations to your boss about your campaigns.

How to Get Started with Buffer Analytics and What They Mean to You

Probably the most exciting part about this announcement is the integration with Google Analytics. Because you can have all of your campaigns in one place syncing up with your Buffer data, your ability to analyze which posts and when do the best with your specific audience and social community. It’s a great way to bring everything together in one place, so I would rule these new features a win.

Visit this link to begin your free trial and try out all of the new features for yourself. Once you get the hang of how it all works, you can upgrade to one of Buffer’s three monthly packages (which are conveniently split up into how many social accounts you might have). Once you give it a try, let us know in the comments below what you thought of the new analytics features.

Extra Resources: There are quite a few great resources out there about Buffer, but I recommend visiting this page for an interview with Co-Founder Leo Widrich and visiting the Bufferapp blog here to learn more about how Buffer for Business really works and other features it can offer.

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