Allowing Comment Spam on Your Website Can Hurt Your Rankings

The comment section of a blog or a website is always tricky. Most go into a blog and assume that the comments will be the fun part, but it doesn’t take long to discover that the comment section is a lot of work to maintain. Sometimes a website will monitor each and every comment manually, which can be time consuming, so in most cases a website will upload a spam filtering software to help do the work. In either case, a blog owner has to continually be checking the comments on every single blog post for one big reason—comment spam.

For those who are unfamiliar, comment spam is often computer generated. It offers no value to readers and is usually something quite general such as “Thank you for sharing this great information.”  Another very obvious sign of comment spam is a link in the comment section going to something completely unrelated. This means two things: First, don’t let your blog fill up with spam in the comment section. Second, don’t leave comment spam on other websites.

How Allowing Comment Spam on Your Website Hurts

Allowing comment spam to show up on your website has never been a good thing, and Google is quickly trying to teach the web a lesson by making sure this hurts a site’s ranking. One important thing to remember is that spam-filtering feeds don’t catch everything. The way that spam filtering feeds work is this:

  • Comment Made. First, a spammer will drop a comment that is clearly spam. This doesn’t necessarily mean there is a link in the comment, but rather something that has a particular pattern of words that have been marked as spam in the past.
  • Spam Filtered. Second, your spam filter will mark the comment as spam.
  • Comment Put In Spam Database. Third, the comment along with the author’s email address and website of the link (if applicable) is put into a spam database that is shared with Google.
  • Google Devalues Your Site. Finally, Google will see that all of these comments are pointing back to your site, and thus your site will lose value.

The moral of the story is that spam filtering tools aren’t perfect. You need to be manually checking your site to make sure that you aren’t publishing spam. On that same note, you need to make sure that your software is not marking legitimate comments as spam because that can hurt the author.

Why Google Will Catch You If You’re Leaving Comment Spam

As discussed above, having a comment marked as spam can really hurt the website of an author. Because spam comments are put into a database with your name and website, it’s easy for Google to see if comments directed at your website are being marked as spam.

To make a long story short, it’s important that if you want to use a link in a comment, you’ll want that comment to be original, detailed, and using a real name as the author. This will help your comments stop from being flagged as spam because your comment won’t be spam.

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