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5 Worst Link Building Mistakes One Can Make

There are many different ways that a company can build backlinks, but it’s extremely important that a company understands some of the most common link building mistakes.

Building backlinks to a website is one of the most important aspects of SEO, but it should not come at a cost. Even though you may want to take a few different approaches when it comes to link building, there are certain methods that you should not use (especially with the Panda and Penguin Updates).

Don’t be Fooled: Top 5 Link Building Mistakes

Consider below a few of the worst link building mistakes that one can make:

1. Buying Links

Although it might be the easiest way to acquire links, buying them is one of the riskiest propositions you can make. Google has made it very apparent that they are against purchasing links and that by doing it, you run the risk of being penalized. The search engines have invested a great deal of time in identifying paid links so avoid this at all costs.

2. Link Exchanges

If you believe that exchanging links with another website is a great way to optimize your site and build some authority, you are wrong. Exchanging links just to build your backlink profile is another tactic heavily frowned upon by the search engines. Keep in mind, Google is all about natural, relevant, quality links. When you exchange links it is definitely not natural, and most of the time there is no relevance to your site.

3. Not Varying Anchor Text

This is one of the most common mistakes that one can make. SEO is all about making the optimization appear as natural as possible. When you acquire backlinks, it is imperative that the anchor text of the links pointing back to you vary. If all of your links have the keywords you are trying to rank for in them, how natural is that! Make sure that you have a wide variety of branded anchor texts & keyword rich anchor text.

4. Using Blog Networks

If you don’t already know, Blog Networks are networks of blogs all hosted on separate IP addresses and used to manipulate search engine rankings. People have been using blog networks to artificially build links to their own sites. Over the last couple of months, Google has taken aim at blog networks and has been de-indexing them.

5. Acquiring Non-Relevant Links

This is another very popular mistake that many websites make when obtaining backlinks. Many try and get as many backlinks as possible on as many authoritative sites as possible, and while this is a good idea, you should always try and link to sites that are relevant to your site and relevant to the content your offering. For example, getting a backlink from a sports website when your site deals with business advice is not going to be useful to you (or readers).

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