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5 Tips for Writing Effective PPC Ad Copy

Although writing ad copy may seem easier than writing an article or content for a website, many quickly find that the shorter the text, the harder the challenge. You aren’t able to get all of your thoughts out in a nice, cohesive five-paragraph piece of text. When it comes to PPC ad copy, you have a few sentences, and you have to make them count. Sound like a lot of pressure? Writing ad copy for the Internet can put someone under a lot of pressure, but fortunately there are a few tips you can keep in mind to help make the process not only easier, but also more effective.

According to Google, an ad copy can be comprised of a 25-character headline, or title, two lines of 35-character description, and a display URL that is hyperlinked to your landing page. That’s it. That’s all you get. Naturally, this leaves many to wonder: How can my company make the most of such little content?

Top 5 Tips and Tricks Needed When Writing PPC Ad Copy

When it comes to writing ad copy, you really need to consider your audience and what would catch that audience’s attention. You might bid on great keywords, have a great quality score, and have your landing pages ready to go, but that won’t mean much if your audience isn’t interested in clicking on your ads. Ad copy is one way to help make sure this happens.

Below are five tips and tricks to help spruce up your ad copy:

1. Change your ad copy when you change your keywords.

Part of PPC advertising is bidding on keywords. In many cases, companies will bid on similar keywords and then use one ad copy for all of these different ads. However, it is actually more beneficial to be as specific as possible. If you bid on the keyword “Best SEO Firm,” use that keyword in your ad copy; don’t use something like “Top SEO Agency.” Be specific. After all, people have typed in that exact keyword because that is what they want to see, so you have a better chance of earning some clicks if your ad seems predictable.

2. Incorporate a call to action.

As with most aspects of advertising, a call to action is important. It’s usually best to put this call to action in your description so that people know exactly what they should do. Although you may have a call to action on your landing page, it’s usually the PPC ad that your visitors might see first. Some call to action phrases include “sign up” or “order today.”

3. Put a focus on “buy” words

Much successful ad copy incorporates what many call “buy” words or “power” words. These words typically appear in front of a call to action, but the more they appear in your ad copy the better.  Some of these words include get, buy, try, and go. Most companies find that the broader the term the less likely you are to see a conversion, but you might be more likely to get some clicks. It’s all about testing and what works for your company.

 4. Check out your competition to see what’s working.

It’s also a good idea to take a minute to check out your competition. If your competition is putting an emphasis on putting a visitor’s worries to rest, consider doing this with your campaigns. Chances are your competitors have already done a good deal of research and analysis, so they know what works. You should always try and see for yourself whether or not a specific strategy is working for your company, but it’s a great starting point.

5. Make sure you are always testing your ad campaigns for success.

Once you have incorporated all of these tips, it’s important that you complete testing on these campaigns. Track the campaigns and your click-through rate of each to determine what is the most affective for your company. If you find that certain tips listed above are more effective on certain campaigns, keep that in mind. Internet marketing is all about testing and finding trends and then using those results to improve.

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