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5 Surefire Tips to Getting Your Blog Comments Approved

Spam comments can hurt your SEO and give your blog the look of something unmaintained and low quality. For this reason, many blog owners have taken measures to help decrease the number of spam comments and make sure that all comments on their website add something to an article or discussion. There are two ways blog owners make this happen:

  • Automatic Filter – Blogs owners often get so much spam that sooner or later certain types of blog comments are going straight to the spam folder, never to be seen again. Unfortunately, there are always a few good, quality comments that get automatically thrown into this spam folder.
  • Manual Moderation – If a blog owner moderates all comments and manually marks the comment as spam, it will not show up on the webpage.

Whether the comment was automatically marked as spam or manually marked as spam by a blog owner, those commenting cannot help but wonder: How can I get my comment approved?

How to Make Sure Your Blog Comment Gets Approved

In the majority of situations, a visitor has control over whether or not his/her comment is approved. If your comments are being automatically filtered or the blog owner is manually choosing to not include your comment, don’t sweat it. Chances are there is something you, the commenter, can do to change this pattern.

  1. Avoid Links – Do not include links back to your website in your comment. Many people try to do this in order to self promote or improve their SEO, but this isn’t always looked upon highly by blog owners. Even if your comment offers good points, chances are a blog owner will not link to their competition. In some cases blog owners explicitly state that they do not want links in the comments, so your comment might be automatically deleted if the blog owner doesn’t get to it first.
  2. Read the Post – Although this should go without saying, some people comment without even reading the post. In other words, the comment either goes against what the post is trying to say (without making sense), or the comment is completely unrelated. Naturally, these comments will not be approved.
  3. Have a Gravatar – Many blog owners only like to see comments that are written by those with a gravatar. For those who are unfamiliar, a gravatar is a little image next to a comment that is generally a picture of the commenter. Connect your email address with a gravatar and then type in that email address when asked before you comment. Gravatars typically give your comment a more personal feel and help make a blog look more professional.
  4. Avoid Stock Comments – All too often blog owners are seeing comments that are very generic. These types of comments include “great article” or “I agree.” These comments look spammy and are annoying to readers who actually want to write a well thought-out comment. Comments that are too short could get automatically deleted, so it’s something to keep in mind.
  5. Be Nice – It is always a good idea to share your opinion and give reasons to back up why you feel the way you do—even if your opinion is different than the opinion given in an article. However, if you are blatantly rude and putting down other comments, the article or the blog, your comment definitely won’t be approved.

It’s also important to note that it’s never a bad idea to talk with the editor of the blog directly if you think your comments aren’t being accepted for good reason. Make sure that you look at any guidelines or “About Us” sections of the blog to see if there is any advice about how to properly comment on that blog. If you do this and still can’t seem to get a comment approved, talk with the editor and make sure that your address isn’t being put into the spam folder.

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