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5 Excel Plugin Tools to Expedite your AdWords Research

Everyone is looking for ways to make AdWords research go faster. It can be a tedious process, and after 6 hours sitting in a cubicle nobody wants to have his/her head buried in Excel any longer than is absolutely necessary. Fortunately, there are quite a few Excel plugins that you can use to cut down on all of that manual work.

Top 5 Excel Plugin Tools to Help Your AdWords Efforts

For those who are unfamiliar, AdWords is Google’s online advertising program. This is really just an umbrella term for advertising techniques like PPC, CPM advertising, and things like banner ads. Companies usually complete keyword research to determine how they want to go about these ads, and oftentimes companies like to export keyword data into excel to help them analyze and record any research they have done. This is where excel plugins come into play:

  1. Google AdWords API Extension – There is a Google Analytics API extension for excel that has been popular in the past, so now an AdWords extension has surfaced. Your keyword research will be exported directly into excel using your Google AdWords API key. You can visit SEO Gadget to learn more about how to install the plugin and get started. This is by far the most popular plugin for Excel to help make AdWords research easier.
  2. Tatvic – This is a newer and less popular plugin, but it does offer Google AdWords services and can help you transport your research into Excel. However, the tool does much more including audits and optimization strategies.
  3. DigDB – This plugin works to organize the keyword data once it is in your spreadsheet. There are many different ways that you can use the tool including lining up phrases or extracting certain data. Many use this plugin coupled with another Excel plugin that will get the data into Excel (this tool helps you got quicker once the data has already been recorded).
  4. Gazel – From a company that has Internet marketing down, this plugin is easy to use and will make sure that all of your data is formatted as an Excel table automatically. The tool also offers comparison metrics and refresh append reports so that you don’t have to run huge amounts of data all the time.
  5. Market Samurai – This bullet is cheating a little bit because it is not an Excel plugin, but it does serve a very similar purpose. This tool uses the AdWords API as well as SERP scraping tools to help you keep all of your data together in an organized fashion. It is used primarily to conduct keyword research, but the layout of information is still great. If you’re not really into Excel, this might be a good alternative.

Plugins are designed to help make your life easier, so it’s important that you take the time to research the tool that works for your needs. Many people have recorded saving hours of time by using an Excel plugin as opposed to doing any kind of manual work, so they are quickly becoming a must-have for any company looking to become involved in Internet advertising.

Although some of these plugins come at a cost, it will usually pay for itself in no time. Analyze your company and the AdWords work that you do to help you decide what works for you.

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