3 Awesome (and Easy) Ideas to Boost Brand Personalization

The relationship between consumers and brands is something that’s always evolving and shapeshifting as new trends, behaviors, and channels of communication develop. Marketers have always had to adapt to the demands of consumers, finding new ways to appeal to them and position themselves as relevant, desirable brands.

In recent years, those developments have created a need for increasingly personalized performance and consumer interaction between brands and consumers. Now more than ever, highly targeted and uniquely personal strategies are necessary for brands to effectively connect with and resonate with their audience. Thus, a new imperative in online branding was born: brand personalization.

Brand Personalization

The rise in popularity of more natural marketing tactics, such as native advertising, has indicated some important things about how users interact with brands. Overall, it seems that users are most receptive to brands that position themselves as peers. People want the brands they support to be reflective of their values or align with/contribute to who they are as individuals.

For as many new challenges as this poses for brands, it also creates a lot of new opportunities to be creative and connect with target audience in a more impactful way. When a consumer comes to view a brand as not just someone trying to sell or promote something but rather as a peer that has something of value to offer them at eye level, the likelihood of brand loyalty goes up. Even better, brands that consumers feel a strong connection or sense of loyalty to is one they’re more likely to recommend to their peers over others:

Source: OneSpot/Marketing Insider Group

Brands are more than just sellers of goods, services, and information now, which is why brand personalization is critical for long-term success.

Easy, Beginner Ways to Boost Brand Personalization

For as big of an undertaking as all of this may sound, brand personalization is probably much easier than you think. There are easy, pain-free ways to bring a more personalized, effective element to your brand that will set you up for further success down the line. For a quick and easy-to-implement start, check out these ideas.

  1. Personalize Emails

Email marketing is a powerful and effective way for businesses to generate leads and maintain relationships with their customers. Brands have an opportunity to convert and permeate their presence every time an email lands in an inbox, so ensuring that users open up and interact with those emails is crucial. Moreover, an inbox is more personal than other marketing channels; brands are directly communicating to their audience and therefore have an opportunity to position themselves as acquaintances or friends just trying to stay in touch. For that reason, personalizing emails help brands become more memorable to users and seem less like spam, which in turn yields a more positive reaction to the emails in the first place.

Personalizing emails doesn’t have to be needlessly complicated. It can be as simple as adding dynamic tags to address email recipients individually, or using a little retargeting to suggest similar items after an online purchase. The point is to put voice and personality into your emails to make your brand seem personable. This makes customers more likely to acknowledge what you’ve sent rather than treat it as just another spammy, promotional offer.

  1. Create Social Buzz

Social media channels are one of the best ways for brands to develop a persona. By maintaining active social media profiles, users start to recognize brands as peers and engage with them. That’s why brands have to use social media to build identity-because it contributes to the social network of their audience members.

Consistency across social media channels is key for brand personalization. Voice, tone, posting frequency, and engagement are all things that should be consistent so your brand develops a presence that’s as identifiable on a daily basis as it is throughout campaigns. Responding and engaging with users gives you a chance to showcase the persona behind your brand while also encouraging your audience to share their experiences and interact.

  1. Implement Loyalty Programs

If you want to cement your brand as being identifiable and have customers who recall and return often, then loyalty programs might be the best way to personalize your brand. A method that brings people back to the brand over and over is one that develops a relationship. This makes your brand a fixture in the minds of consumers, especially when there’s a benefit or added incentive to their loyalty.

Loyalty programs don’t have to be overly complex or expensive. Any business can implement practices that reward new customer referrals with something small, such as a discount or freebie. Many businesses develop more detailed loyalty programs, rewarding continued customer loyalty with rolling perks and recognitions throughout the year. Overall, a loyalty program facilitates the relationship between businesses and their client base that ultimately helps brands further the develop the identity and relevance necessary to become more personable.