For many Americans, Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday season. Family gets together, the holiday shopping begins, and you’re now allowed to put on the holiday music and bring out your decorations. Unfortunately, most people cannot get too blind-sided by the excitement because business doesn’t always stop during the holidays. Some businesses might be shut for a few days, but most will remain open for the majority of the holiday buzz, and a company website will never close because of a holiday. Customer usage and behavior might change, so it’s important that companies are optimizing their websites and preparing for this seasonal change. The question, then, is simple: How should I optimize my site to take advantage of the holiday rush?

Different Optimization Tactics That Work Great for the Holidays

Changing the way you optimize your site doesn’t have to be permanent. Below are a few different SEO tactics you can use to enhance your site during the rush:

1. Make sure you have extra customer services ready to go.

People are undoubtedly going to have questions about something you have offered on your website. Making sure that you have extra buttons online to help—live chat, social media feeds, extra “contact us” page—will help make sure you don’t lose any sales. Although you might not want to always keep a social media feed on your page, it’s something that works well for the holidays and something that can be easily added or removed.

2. Make it easy for someone to buy once.

Many websites force customers to sign up and create a profile in order to buy an item. While this might work during the bulk of the year, people are in more of a rush during the holiday season. They’re stressed out, so all they want to do is buy something once and keep moving. Work to setup a checkout process that allows someone to sign in once quickly and easily. After all, it’s best to have something buy something once than nothing at all.

3. Use temporary password covering on all your pages.

This is something that many small businesses forget; yet it’s one of the easiest ways to help make sure your soon-to-be customers get what they need without any hindrances or annoyance. Making sure you use temporary password masking will help people see the most recent character typed into the password section. This will help people make sure they aren’t typing in the wrong passwords. You can learn more about how to make this happen here.

4. Conduct keyword research based on holiday terms.

More people are going to be typing in holiday terms into Google during this season, so try to optimize your website and your content for these types of terms. Make sure that your content is focused around these terms and that you’re advertising that your company is the place to go for holiday shopping.

5. Put an extra screen or an extra note about returns.

Although for most of the year you might only review the return policy at checkout, it’s best to make this even more obvious during the holidays. Have a button that allows people to read up on your return policy, have an extra screen that pops up to remind people, etc. You don’t want to be too annoying, but you want people to really have options.