• By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    How to Use Google Custom Search Engines for Better SEO


    Jan 20 - Getting started with Google Custom Search is actually incredibly easy, but it’s something that many marketers are still missing. The tool is a great way to help make the Internet a little bit smaller, so if you’re hoping to simply search for some...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    7 Signs That You Need to Invest in SEO Management


    Jan 15 - There are many differing opinions on whether or not you need to hire an outside SEO agency to help you with your SEO, but ultimately it all boils down to timing. There are times in a company’s life that an SEO agency isn’t necessary, and in fact ...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    Google to Report Viewability Metrics for YouTube in 2015


    Jan 14 - According to a Search Engine Land article, Google announced that later this year they would begin reporting viewability metrics for DoubleClick users and selected YouTube advertisers. This announcement and article leads to many questions: What do vie...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    5 Mistakes Marketers are Still Making with Shopping Campaigns


    Jan 13 - Whether you’re just getting started with Shopping Campaigns in 2015 as a new initiative or you’ve been managing these types of ads for a while, there are several mistakes to try and avoid that seem to be coming back year after year. Now that Shop...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    Grammarly Review: The Pros and Cons to the Proofreading App


    Jan 12 - Grammarly is a new startup that seems to be gaining some traction amongst online writers. Typos, punctuation errors, grammar errors, and more have always been a source of anxiety for writers as well as general email users or business owners. Spell-ch...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    Why Co-Marketing Isn’t Going Anywhere in 2015

    Marketing Strategy

    Jan 8 - As much as we want to believe we can do it all on our own, having someone there to help you accomplish your goals is necessary if you want to stay sane, especially if you're starting a business. One of the easiest ways to get this help is by entering...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    LinkedIn Paid Ads 101: What You Need to Get Started


    Jan 7 - This is a long overdue topic. LinkedIn is considered one of the largest social networks out there with 250+ million members, and the largest when it comes to professional topics, so it really is a prime place to advertise. Unfortunately, many compani...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    What Is Worth the Money When It Comes to Social Media and Your Blog?


    Jan 6 - When it comes to finances, business owners are always talking about paid search and SEO and all of the various costs that go along with both. However, as your business begins to grow you’ll find that looking at your online marketing in even smaller...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    Google Analytics Real-Time Widgets to Try in 2015


    Jan 5 - Real-time widgets were added to Google Analytics back in 2013, but many companies still shy away from this option or have missed it altogether. Google Analytics can be overwhelming enough when you’re first getting started, but once you’re ready t...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    Happy Holidays! Google Give Us the Gift of Continuous Penguin Updates


    Dec 29 - The first Penguin update rolled out in October 2014 after more than one year without any Penguin updates, and it’s still in the news. Normally an update will occur and then it’s time to go into recovery mode and you don’t hear much from Google,...