• By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    You Can Now Connect Your Google+ Business Page With Google Maps


    Jun 5 - Connecting your Google+ Business Page with Google Maps is an incredibly important step when it comes to visibility and reviews. You want searchers to know where your business is located and have an easy outlet when it comes to reviewing your business...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    Is DuckDuck Go the Next Big Search Engine? Thinking about Your Future SEO


    Jun 4 - It hasn’t taken long for DuckDuckGo to grab the attention of media outlets everywhere, and subsequently, it’s slowly but surely peaking the interests of consumers, and you know what that means—time for businesses to pay attention. For those ...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    How to Effectively Display Infographics on Your Site


    Jun 3 - Whether you’re hiring someone to create an infographic for you or you are creating it on your own, it’s an exciting new content-type to start working with. Infographics are a great way to keep a readers interest and help explain complicated or bo...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    Getting Value from Your Onsite Search Data


    Jun 2 - Companies have long been using several different sources of data to gain insights into their website—the SEO and PPC data they get from Google, social media, email marketing campaigns, CTR, etc.—but onsite data has always seemed to miss the boat....

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    It’s Official: Matt Cutts Confirms Manual Penalties Can Expire


    May 30 - Finding a manual penalty notice on your Webmaster Tools account always leaves you with a knot in your stomach because you just know you have a lot of work to do. Whether unnatural links were built without your consent, negative SEO was coming your wa...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    What NOT to Do When Curating Content


    May 28 - Curating content means pulling ideas and links from related articles across the web and creating one summary-type article, and it’s becoming a popular practice amongst businesses. Search Engine Land’s SearchCap is an excellent example of an “ar...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    Google Launches Two Updates at Once: Panda 4.0 and Payday Loans Update


    May 27 - It has been some time since we’ve seen a Panda algorithm update from Google, but yesterday Google announced that Panda 4.0 hit search results. As a quick reminder, all Panda algorithm updates work to help quality content move to the top of SERPs wh...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    How to Use Google Analytics Content Experiments for Easy Testing


    May 22 - Every marketer knows the importance of testing and making sure you have the best possible pages out there to get visitors to do what you want them to do—make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, engage with an article, etc. However, what many mark...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    Still Don’t Have a Bing Ads Account? Why You Should Get Started Right Away


    May 21 - Whether you have a solid Google strategy in place or you’re looking to focus on Bing right away, a Bing ads account is a must. Bing is still the third largest search engine (YouTube coming in and number two) and can offer huge potential for compani...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    Old Matt Cutts Videos That Still Hold True Today


    May 20 - Everyone always talks about how SEO is constantly changing and evolving, and while this is entirely true, it’s important to remember that not everything changes. When it comes to good SEO, there are a few basics that haven’t gone anywhere, and th...