• By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    3 SEO Tips for Time Sensitive Pages This Holiday Season


    Nov 16 - Part of what separates a good company from a great company is the relevancy of their content. The more you can connect with your audience and engage them, the better. While it’s not always easy, part of making this happen is following the news and ...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    A Reminder: You Don’t Need Analytics or Data to Have Great SEO


    Nov 12 - First things first, Analytics and data do matter. In fact, Analytics can help you make conclusions and analyses that you wouldn’t be able to have found otherwise, so it’s an important part of creating an advanced online marketing strategy. Whethe...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    6 Best Blogging Platforms for Your Business That Aren’t WordPress


    Nov 10 - So businesses are constantly hearing that “content is king,” so creating a company blog is the next step. Relevant content, frequency of content, and different content types are all very important when it comes to create a content strategy. Guest...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    How to Write an Abandoned Shopping Cart Email


    Nov 9 - Trying to avoid shopping cart abandonment is always the first step for marketers—include deals at the right time, offer “save now” options, make users click a button before they leave, etc.—but sometimes it’s just inevitable. This is especi...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    The Differences Between Black Hat SEO and Just Bad SEO


    Nov 5 - Believe it or not, these two ways of thinking about SEO are not interchangeable. While it’s true that “bad SEO” could be an umbrella term with Black Hat tactics falling somewhere underneath, looking at black hat SEO practices and bad SEO practi...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    What’s With the Buzz about Blab? The Social Network That’s Getting All the Attention


    Nov 4 - Blab.im seems to be the latest buzz in the online marketing world, but it’s actually considered a social network designed for everyone and everything. Whether you have business goals in mind or not, the new live chat platform seems to be full of fe...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    Bing Product Ad Updates Not to Miss This Holiday Season


    Nov 3 - It’s probably not a coincidence that Bing launched several major updates to their Shopping Campaigns just before the holidays. It’s important for businesses to continue to focus on Bing as well as Google in order to get the most visibility this h...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    Get Instant Public Opinion on Twitter Now with New Twitter Polls


    Nov 2 - You’ve likely heard about the importance of using different content types before, and surveys are almost always in that lineup. It’s a great way to shake up your blog and get some interaction, but it’s also a great way to get answers to your qu...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    How Content Marketing Effects Your End Goals [Infographic]

    CONTENT highlighted in green

    Oct 29 - Sometimes around the holidays focuses can shift in a company. While content is always incredibly important, sometimes PPC, social media, email marketing and e-commerce considerations take center ring. It suddenly becomes about ramping up sales and le...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    E-commerce Facebook Set Up Just in Time for the Holidays


    Oct 28 - It’s important you use every outlet available when it comes to holiday marketing and advertising, but Facebook is arguably one of the most important. Social media in general is a great way to advertise no matter what time of the year, and Facebook ...