• By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    Rich Snippet Spam Now Getting Penalized: Reminders to keep in Mind


    Feb 12 - Google is at it again with a new type of penalty for a new type of online marketing method—rich snippets. Rich snippets are little images, videos, rankings, songs, etc. that are shown right there on a SERP so that users can see quickly what that pa...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    Large Embedded Videos Now Part of Google Search Results: What This Means to You


    Feb 11 - We’ve known for a while now that video is going to become a more and more important method to online marketing, but Google made this very clear last week when we all started seeing large embedded videos on SERPs. However, how this new feature works...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    Two Important Google Local Search Updates We Saw Last Week


    Feb 10 - Last week Google made two important announcements regarding local SEO and search: Some businesses need to re-verify their Google Places listing within 3 weeks to remain a part of Google Maps. You can now see your Google+ Local pages before you ...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    How to Earn Backlinks Without Guest Blogging


    Feb 6 - The whole idea of building backlinks for SEO purposes is under fire—you don’t want to build backlinks for SEO; you want to build them for quality and to help your audience. Matt Cutts, head of Google Webspam team, made this very clear in his anno...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    How to Use the IFTTT Tool to Improve Your SEO Strategy


    Feb 5 - The name of the game for marketers today is “natural links,” and social media is going to be a big part of this shift moving forward. It’s all about getting creative to try and produce a successful SEO strategy that doesn’t involve link build...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    Getting Started with YouTube Annotations


    Feb 4 - One of the ways small businesses are getting creative with their content this year is through YouTube. Creating webinars, “how to” videos, and video interviews is an excellent way to get your content shared and help you get those natural links, n...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    More SEO Companies Accepting Bitcoins: What They Are and Why They Matter

    Utah Software Engineer Mints Physical Bitcoins

    Feb 3 - Bitcoins are just starting to become an option in the SEO industry, so there is a good chance when you see this option for payment you’ll be scratching your head. Although companies will still accept other forms of payment, it’s safe to say that ...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    Marketing Emails Opened on Mobile up 61%: A Few Mobile Marketing Reminders


    Jan 30 - It was never a question that mobile marketing is growing in importance for small businesses, but only recently are we really starting to see 2013 numbers proving just how important. We first saw the numbers here on Search Engine Journal, but these st...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    How to Create Guest Blogging Relationships and What To Do About Those “Bad” Links


    Jan 29 - When link building is all you know, going out and trying to create partnerships or relationships with other websites can be a struggle. Last week we discussed (along with the rest of the world) Matt Cutts’, head of Google Webspam, announcement that...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    New Google Feature “AdSense Direct” for Simpler Navigation


    Jan 28 - Google has been rolling out quite a few new features lately and well as new designs, and their latest is called AdSense Direct. As you might imagine, AdSense Direct is a new feature that focuses on making it easier to manage directly sold ads from yo...