• By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    How to Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings (2015+ Edition)


    Aug 19 - Amazon is a search engine just like any other, so it’s important that you think about optimization and how optimization best practices may have changed each year. If you’ve never worried about optimizing your products for Amazon you don’t have ...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    Bounce Rate and How It Really Relates to Content Marketing


    Aug 18 - Whenever small businesses see their bounce rate it’s always a source of panic. Maybe you’ve heard that bounce rate doesn’t matter, or maybe you’ve heard that it matters for some things and not for others, or maybe you’ve been taught to beli...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    Everything You Need to Know about Dynamic Search Ads


    Aug 17 - If you’re looking to take your online marketing efforts to the next level and you’re ready to spend a little bit of money on paid search, dynamic search ads are becoming more and more popular. They did not always get the best reputation in the pa...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    What’s with Google Alphabet? Everything We Know So Far


    Aug 13 - In an effort to do more and keep true to their original founders letter Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin are officially moving on to a new company called Alphabet. The new company will acquire Google and made the official announcement just this ...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    6 Tips to Keeping Your Website Secure


    Aug 11 - In lieu of the recent announcement from WordPress last week, it’s always a good time to think about security (more on that later). Making sure your website is secure is crucial to avoid hacking and therefore having to shut down your business for a ...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    Google’s New Search Console API Is Now Live


    Aug 6 - There isn’t much news to report, but this news will have a big impact on small business owners and Webmasters. As of just yesterday morning, Google launched the new Search Console API, which was formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools. Now hopeful...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    Google+ Updates Not to Miss: Collections, YouTube Comments, and Google+ Access


    Aug 5 - Google+ is at it again, this time making changes that they said are because of “user feedback.” We saw three major changes, two that affect Google+ and one that affects YouTube, and these changes could be used to help small businesses if you know...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    What Exactly Is Clickbait and Why Does It Matter for Small Businesses?


    Aug 4 - Clickbait is one of the oldest tricks in the book for marketers and writers. Of course the term clickbait is newer thanks to computers, according to a Likeable article it has been around since the late 1800’s when newspaper writers would use yellow...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    How to Take Full Advantage of Your Indirect Competitors


    Aug 3 - Most businesses put a huge focus on competitor research, and for good reason. Your competitors can tell you a lot about your industry, your progress, and give you ideas about where you want to be in the future and how to get there. However, what many...

  • By: Amanda DiSilvestro

    What You Need to Know about Apple’s App Store Algorithm Update


    Jul 30 - Whenever there is an algorithm change everyone goes crazy, but for some reason the most recent algorithm change to the App Store flew past the radar quietly. Although this isn’t nearly as important as a Google update, if you have a company app or h...